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Large Campfire Kettle
31st July 2012

Campfire Kettles for bushcraft

This isn't a review as such, but the answer to a common problem. I’m very often asked by my readers and students (when teaching) where they can get hold of large kettles be used over a campfire. The type of metal kettles you often see on TV that are blackened from the flames licking over them. I could never really answer this question as the kettle I used to use was old, so old in fact that I couldn’t remember where the hell I originally got the thing from, so I was never really able to give an exact answer.

But the truth is, in the UK, large Bushcraft or campfire kettles didn’t really exist, but as of today this has changed.

I’ve just been shown some fantastic campfire and Bushcraft kettles that will be the ideal solution to the problem, and put a smile on the face of the scouts and forest school leaders! Just visit this link and you’ll find a selection of large campfire kettles that are solid metal and will happily sit on the embers of an open fire and boil enough water to sate the needs of the thirstiest!

Sizes are 2.5 Litres, 5 Litres, 7 Litres and 10 Litres.

For a range of the best campfire kettles, bushcraft kettles, large fire kettles and Forest School Kettles for sale in the UK, please visit


Kris on 03/08/12


Yes, I certainly do like Kirtley Campfire Kettles! I'm pleased you like the website too.


Mark on 02/08/12

Hi Kris,

Glad you like the new Kirtley Kettles. I had been trying to locate one for ages and it led me down this 'route'. I had used one for over 6 years and the fear of losing it or damaging it drove me to find a spare...I couldn't imagine camp life without it ! Great website.

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