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Greenman Micro Torch
4th November 2008

Greenman Micro Torch 

This is only a short review because in truth there is not a huge amount of features to write about on such a small product, but here goes.

The Greenman Micro Torch is like many others on the market, but the key difference is that of the price! These micro torches are retailed on the site at only a few pence (special offer), much cheaper than the usual £4-8 price tag of similar LED lights.

The small body is quite simplistic, but of sturdy construction with a tiny on/off switch for prolonged use, and the usual ‘squeeze' type button for quick on off operation is also present. The battery can be replaced by simply removing 4 tiny screws.

There is a metal key loop on the back of the torch so that it can be kept on key chains and rucksacks, etc.

The bulb is long lasting as is the battery, but the bulb is not as bright as some on the market, although when you consider the price then I would say you will have a hard time finding a better value micro torch in the UK market today.

LED 6/10
PRICE 10/10

CONCLUSION - if you want a tiny torch for emergency use, or to keep in your survival kit or attached to your bag then I don't feel you can go too far wrong. I haven't field tested the micro torch for long, but so far so good, and for just a few pence!!!

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