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Food For Free Book - Review
18th April 2009

Food For Free by Richard Maybe

You can obtain a copy of Food For Free through Greenman Bushcraft.

Ask most foragers which book they first used to get into the subject of wild food, and most will say Food For Free. First published in 1972, Food For Free was a staple in the foragers backpack, and so successful, it was printed many times (at least 12), and in fact, it can still be found being printed today.  We have the Author Richard Maybe to thank for this, for it was Richards passion that has continued to inspire many modern day foragers.

I have owned several copies in my time, although I found my root into wild food down another avenue, I would always recommend this title to anyone who is interested in exploring the subject further. The book is not designed to be a guide to plant identification, but a guide of what can, and has been used as food sources in the past. It’s a really interesting read, even if you don’t forage, it’s an important part of how we once lived.

  • By: Mabey, Richard
  • Edition:New ed
  • Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
  • Imprint:Collins
  • Format:Paperback

You can obtain a copy of Food For Free for only £4.99 through Greenman Bushcraft.


Andy H on 06/05/09

I have this book and it's great nice and small,i also have the tree id and mushroom id books from the Collins gem series.There always in the backpack...thanks for sharing very informative site

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