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Fallkniven DC3 & DC4 Whetstone - Review
25th March 2009

Fallkniven DC3 & DC4 Whetstone - Review

One question I get asked a heck of a lot is how do I sharpen my knife correctly? And, then comes the next part to that question, which stone do you use?

The answer is I use many different stones, but when I’m out in the field I almost always use one of the Fallkniven DC4 or DC3 stones.

The DC range is a diamond/ceramic whetstone that will handle all your sharpening needs. The newly-developed DC3 and DC4 whetstones consist of a fine diamond stone (25 micron) and a very special ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphires.

The advantage of these materials, although they get worn, is that they still keep their flat shape. This is important when you sharpen your knife. And, since these materials are the hardest known, they will sharpen any steel, even these extremely hard powder steels which you see more of these days. You don't need any lubrication for these stones, but now and then you should consider cleaning them with warm water and washing up liquid to remove any build-up. The stones might feel coarse from the start but will become smoother/better after some use.

They are very small and flat, you won’t even know they are in your pocket, so space taking is not an issue here. The best part is that they really do work, unlike many others I have tried and tested over the years. A quick session with either of these and you will be left with an edge you really could shave with, they are that good. Each stone also comes with a leather sheath.

SHEATH  10/10
PRICE  10/10


CONCLUSION – if you want a good stone to sharpen a knife quickly, and easily then look no further than the DC range. The DC3 is the smaller of the two, but at only 10cm in length, the DC4 is probably the best option as you get a little more surface area to work with.

If you just want the diamond properties then have a look at the Fallkniven D3 or D4. If you would like an adhesive version then see the D3t or D4t, these simply attach to a knife sheath for example. All can be found at Greenman Bushcraft - just run a search there, or look through these blade care products CLICK HERE.

Get your stones from Greenman Bushcraft - DC3 HERE  OR your DC4 HERE


Kris on 31/01/10


Send an e-mail to and they will be able to help you out.


Bill on 31/01/10

I can't find a d4t sold anywhere in the U.S. Do you carry this product? It apparently will fit on my Zytel Fallkniven A1 sheath.

Kris on 24/03/09

Hi Matt,

Really plased the reviews and site have helped you out. If you drop me an e-mail (see contact section) I will try my best to help you out.


matt on 24/03/09

Hi, have taken your advice and brought one of these stones. Hav you any tips on sharpening with ease?!

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